Laurel Nakadate: “Only the Lonely”

Laurel Nakadate’s Only the Lonely is on view through August 8th at MoMA P.S. 1 in Long Island City.

“This 10 year survey of Nakadate’s work had me laughing and squirming at the various predicaments she puts herself in. Rarely do I find it necessary to force myself to stand in front of a work of art, but on more than one occasion in this show I deliberately fought the urge to turn away from the awkward and confrontational feelings it evoked. Her work is trivial, sexy, exploitive, juicy, insensitive, naive, gross and unapologetic. I’ve since gone back to the show twice in an attempt to take it all in.”

-Jenn Dierdorf, Soho20 Gallery Director

The show fills the majority of the second floor of the museum and is paired with Modern Women: Single Channel, a group exhibition focusing on the work of eleven women artists in single-channel video. Jeffrey Kastner of the NYTimes has also reviewed the show, in which Nakadate encounters men in various, often awkward or even taboo, circumstances, and yet manages to capture respect and poignancy. The show combines Nakadate’s work over the last several years in both video, photography, and feature-length film.

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