Gifting Abstraction


Gifting Abstraction, curated by Mariángeles Soto-Díaz, is part of Abstraction at Work, a series dedicated to rethinking abstraction’s functions through projects ranging from installations to curatorial experiments.















Gifting Abstraction establishes an intimate economy within Soho20Chelsea gallery in which abstract objects have not yet turned into objectified commodities. The gift economy paradigm recognizes that there is value outside market forces, and that the gift renders forces and riches of its own. One of the perplexing aspects of the gift is that while its effect cannot be quantified, its intention is generally palpable: at its best, the gift generates a sense of interconnectedness. In this exhibition, artists’ labor stretches beyond the works themselves, as connective lines are symbolically rendered through the gifting process onto a relational dimension.













Throughout the course of the exhibition the artists participating in the show will come to the gallery and select one work by another participating artist.  They will trace the work they have chosen and then move the piece to the adjacent wall.  The names and selections will be recorded in a log in the gallery along with correspondence to each artist from the “giftee”.  Check the blog for documentation of the process as well as images from the exhibition and opening reception.












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