Slipping the Leash-Jenny Toth

Birthing A Cactus, 2012, 12×12 inches, watercolor and aquatint on paper.


Slipping the Leash: Mexican Riffs
and Complications
May 22 – June 16, 2012
Opening Reception:
Thursday May 24th, 6-8pm

SOHO20 Chelsea gallery presents Slipping the Leash: Mexican Riffs and
Complications, by New York based artist Jenny Toth. This is Toth’s first solo
exhibition at SOHO20 and features paintings, collage and prints.
This group of work is the result of Toth’s recent months in San Miguel de Allende, a
small colonial city north of Mexico City in the state of Guanajuato. The plants
(including varieties of cacti), animals (birds, lizards, dogs, farm animals and donkeys),
and the stunningly bright colors of the environment permeate Toth’s work enriching
her surreal yet personal narratives.
For the past four years Toth makes the annual trip from New York City to San Miguel
de Allende in order to paint from the direct observation of these saturated influences.
By incorporating animals as subjects, she weaves together fantastical narratives
expressing feelings of loss, attachment, social anxiety and loneliness. Her newest
pieces have images showing confinement (leashes, fences) and its opposite (freeing of
conventional expectations.) These themes are woven together and leavened with
humor and imagination.
The collection in this show displays many different media, frequently combining
several different techniques in each piece. Toth includes woodcuts and etchings, often
printed on cut-out pieces of hand-painted paper, as well as some pieces that are handcolored
with watercolor after printing. She collages these prints with drawings,
dismantles them, and recombines pieces into unusual combinations. Her work
explores ways of isolating fragments, cutting into a form, and leaving parts disjointed.
Also in the exhibition are bronze sculptures highlighting provocative separations.
One piece, for example, links two figures: a donkey with a long tail, winding around a
girl who herself is transforming into a donkey.
Jenny Toth attended the New York Studio School as well as Yale for her MFA in
Painting. She is an Associate Professor of Art at Wagner College. Toth is represented
by The George Gallery, CA , Blue Mountain Gallery, NY, Tabla Rasa Gallery in
Brooklyn and SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery, NY.
For further information, please contact the gallery at 212.367.8994 or email at

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