Becky Franco’s CHOSEN in NYArts Magazine

SOHO20 artist Becky Franco’s exhibition CHOSEN reviewed in NYArts Magazine!

Being an artist is all about vulnerability. Some artists are pretty afraid of this, creating a product that feels very closed-off and protected from the prying eyes of their viewers. Becky Franco is not one of these artists.

Her large realist works on canvas are now on view through May 18th at SOHO20 Gallery in Chelsea.

Franco puts herself right out there, finding a connection with the viewer by exposing them to the most intimate moments of her own life. Her work displays the most intimate corners of her domestic life, chandeliers, mirrors, tables, and chairs all peer back towards the viewer. Titled Chosen, the show posits the idea that these objects are actually the ones that chose us, and not the other way around. They make one reflect on who they are as we contemplate our relationship to these objects that are common signifiers of a certain level of comfort and affluence.

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