Moving the archives: Many hands make light work.

Hidden behind the facade of a stylish SOHO salon, the SOHO20 team began the epic move of our archives to Rowan University in New Jersey on Sunday (5/11/14). Although, more than 20 boxes required packing into a bare minivan the endeavor only took little over an hour, proving the true efficiency of team work. Archives included records of members, postcards from old shows, finances, and the works! A special thank you goes out to the burly man and women who put their backs into moving the archives! An extra thanks is allotted for Lucy Hodgson for driving them across the tri-state area! It was well-worth the drive despite the fact, Lucy “went down with van nearly scraping the axles.” Our archives are now safe and sound at Rowan University, unpacked by none other than Andrew Hottle.

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