Feminist Protests Ensure in the Whitney Museum

Feminist Protests Ensure in the Whitney MuseumIn a recent protest on Friday evening (5/17/14), women clad in costumes and statement art overran the Whitney Museum’s Biennial during pay-what-you-want hours. The female protesters (“The Cliterati”) stirred a scene to protest the unequal representation of women artists in the museum. Nonetheless, the staged Clitney Perennial got many visitor’s attention. The feminist protest included readings of Virginia Wolf and many artists in performance art garb. The well-intentioned protests provide food for thought and emphasize the outcry of female artists who lead the way in pursuing art educations yet are the minor in museum representation. Their noble intention and shockingly poignant name make the Cliterati a grass roots group to watch, reminiscent of the Guerilla Girls. Their eccentric protest incited interest from show goers, even inspiring one mother to explain to her young son what Cliterati means, opening a whole new can of worms sure to enlighten him. All joking aside, the Cliterati dramatically put women at the forefront of the art world, causing a ruckus at the Whitney’s Biennial.

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