Debbie Rasiel’s “Picturing Autism” Show

picturingAutismOn the evening of May 29th, SOHO20 Gallery held a boisterous and overwhelming happy opening for Debbie Rasiel’s “Picturing Autism” show. The exhibition, which began on the 27th, welcomed an array of admirers, close friends, and art-lovers during its opening. Equipped with food and plenty of wine, our doors opened to a crowd of more than 200. If the sheer numbers were not enough evidence, the show was great success. Viewers remarked that the show was moving and touching. The show is comprised of 16 dynamic portraits of members of the Autistic community in black and white documenting the tender battles that autistic children and their families face everyday. The gallery was packed with enthusiastic members and newcomers enjoying the show throughout the evening. Debbie Rasiel’s work was a unanimous success among viewers, a well-deserved reception after two years of documenting the “Picturing Autism” theme.

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