The Hashtag War

In the wake of the Isla Vista shooting targeting a sorority house, twitter erupted in response with outcry. What seem like long hidden complaints have been vocalized on Twitter in the form of a #YesAllWomen hashtag. The tag accompanies tweets from women all over the world who are tired of being catcalled and victims of rape culture. The pervasive and trending term, rape culture, stands for a culture in which women live in fear of becoming prey to men. Whether it be on the street, on a college campus, or even in what should be the safety of our homes, women are victims of rapes, harassment, and assault 99% of the time, internationally. So, the outcry on the internet is justified. Many recall only being able to turn away strangers by claiming to have a boyfriend, suggesting the respect for another male outweighs the respect for the women who initially says,”no” without reason. #YesAllWomen serves to unite women and team up with pro-feminist men seeking to correct the rape culture in the world. As a gallery of strong female members, the movement speaks to the evolution of the modern women’s voice; one that is strong, internationally connected, and setting goals.


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