Rules of Success: What Is Allowed—and What do We Allow Ourselves?

Last summer, Soho20’s National Affiliates Artists had a brown bag roundtable discussion: Rules of Success: What Is Allowed—and What do We Allow Ourselves, in conjunction with their group show Hungry Eyes. Please view this very informative video which the artists discussed the sources of freedom and restriction in their art and artistic careers.

Soho20 Gallery’s National Affiliate Artists from nine different states have sustained their self-curated interactive feminist dialogue over the course of two decades. In tandem with their art, several of the artists write, curate, and teach in universities across the country. Their explorations of subject matter, materials, metaphors, and multi-disciplinary form cover a broad range of painting, drawing, collage, photography, printmaking, assemblage, poetry, fiction, video, sculpture, and installation.

Video Link: The Rules for Success: What We Are Allowed and What We Allow Ourselves 2014


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