SOHO20 was founded in 1973, in New York’s Soho art district, as a non-profit, artist-run organization devoted to increasing public awareness of the excellence and diversity of women’s art. SOHO20 has a dynamic history of supporting highly committed women artists both nationally and in the world community through extensive exhibition programs and through an exciting mix of multicultural events. A rigorous jurying process ensures the high quality of the gallery membership and of its exhibitions. The gallery’s commitment to diversity brings a broad and impressive range of works to the public’s attention each season. Major critics in leading magazines and newpapers have cited SOHO20 Gallery for the achievements of its artists and exhibitions. For membership, please see the SOHO20 membership information and application below.

Find us online at www.soho20gallery.com or contact the gallery directly: info@soho20gallery.com / (212) 367-8994.


Nancy Azara
Darla Bjork
Anne Elliott
Joan Giordano
Lucy Hodgson
Eve Ingalls
Jacqueline Joseph
Francine LeClercq
Harriet Lyons
Patricia Mann
Cynthia Mailman
Vernita Nemec
Melissa Phegley
Sandra Sewing


Linda Cunningham
Ann Sutherland Harris
Joyce Ennis Levin
Cynthia Navaretta
Faith Ringgold
Miriam Schapiro


Dana Harrison

Development Director

Sara Lotty


Applications from women artists are reviewed monthly for the following categories of membership.


Full membership includes a show every two years in the main gallery and participation in a group show in alternate years. Members are required to make a two-year commitment to the gallery. Initiation fees can be paid in installments during the first year of membership

Gallery I – Monthly dues of $250 / $290 (at large*) and a one-time initiation fee of $500
Gallery II – Monthly dues of $150/ $190(at large*)
(A and B) and a one-time initiation fee of $300

Affiliate Membership – yearly dues of $888 for the first year. Affiliates participate in our annual National Affiliates group exhibition.


Payment of dues in a timely fashion.
Each member is required to abide by the rules set forth in the by-laws of SOHO20 and in its manual of operations.
Participation in the operations of the organization by doing committee work and attending monthly meetings.
Each member is responsible for the costs of her publicity and advertising, with the exception of a listing in Art Now Gallery Guide and the Chelsea Art Map.
Each member must sign a renewable contract for a 24 month period.


Women artists wishing to apply to one of the above categories are invited to submit the following:

  • A completed application form.
  • 10 images of recent work on a CD or DVD or in slide form. All materials must be clearly labeled with the applicant’s name.
  • A separate image list, numbered to correspond with the included images. The list should include title, medium, size, and date.
  • A resume or brief biography, including education, exhibitions and other relevant information
  • For Fellowship Membership Application only: the first page of last year’s income tax return.
  • A brief (no more than one page) artist’s statement about the work.
  • Catalogues, reviews, and brochures about the work. (optional)
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope should be included for the return of all materials.


Once a month, except August, the members of SOHO20 carefully review the slide and supporting information submitted by artists applying for membership. Applicants of interest will then be forwarded to the larger membership of SOHO20 who will carefully review the work and supporting information. After an initial approval, a request will be made to see actual work at SOHO20. In order for an applicant to become a member, there must be a two-thirds majority vote in her favor.

Please contact our director, Jenn Dierdorf, at (212) 367-8994, or through email, soho20@verizon.net

An application form can viewed by clicking here.