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“Experimentation and work with found materials is a key to my working process in which accident and innovation are in constant interplay. My work has evolved from its origins in carved forms to complex installations involving text, ancestral artifacts, alternative photo processes, stone, fabric, and objets trouvés. The installations and assemblages often appear to be meditations on the layered nature of existence. They are sculptural ruminations, which bridge the past and the present.

Diminutive portraits printed on silk are interwoven with salvaged ceiling tin, stone and text to create the wall installation, Stepping Stones, which speaks to the ancient tradition of leaving home in search of a new world, a journey we now call immigration. The random photographs were taken by Amore on street corners in cities around the world and graphically demonstrate the increasingly heterogeneous nature of our evolving societies.The work is literally the “stuff” of life. Rather than being highly finished in a traditional fashion, the stone is incorporated as puzzle-pieces which have been reconfigured. Faces of strangers become anonymous transient characters in the pieces, and yet each visage has the potential power to arrest the viewer’s gaze. In my newest series, Street Calligraphies, found gloves which have been cold cast in bronze, still evoke the mysterious presence of the lost owner. Although the gloves always retain their original gesture, they are combined with other enigmatic elements from city streets and transformed through the artistic process into works of art.” — B. Amore

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