Becky Franco – Statement

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As the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan theorized that there is a strange connection between the observer and the observed and that viewing happens from both directions. I realize I am helpless at controlling how I view the world and how certain objects beckon me to represent them with their mutual gaze. At this point, those objects pertain to female sensibilities.

I am attracted to “bling”. The gleam found on golden and silver lipstick casings leave me breathless. The way the light hits the metallic surfaces attract me and seduce me. Objects found on make-up counters or in magazines bombard my senses. The crystals on the chandelier in my dining room that shine like diamonds are found now in my paintings.

My paintings are eye candy. The colored gems, the shiny gold, the gleam of diamonds, the glow on the pearls are meant to be eye traps. My painting will either be reviled or adored. These glowing, shiny and captivating objects have hypnotic power and are hard to ignore.

Material possessions contain cultural attributes that define our relationship to our world. When representing these objects I am thinking about how the objects connect to our culture, how they define me and how they will influence the viewer.

You can try to alter yourself or shift your way of thinking. Yet our subconscious always wins.

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