The Flux of Museum Price

Recently, the Brooklyn Museum announced a raised fee for adults while visitors age 20 and below go free. The move is an attempt to foster interest by youth in art and preservation by eliminating the economic hinderances. Starting September 3rd, 20 year olds will enter free-of-charge while adults must pay $16 rather than $12.  In 2011, the MoMA raised its admission fee to $25 from $20, and the suggested admission fee at the Metropolitan Museum of Art increased to $25 from $20. Evidently, there [...] Read more [...]
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Van Gogh’s Ear: In the flesh

The romantic, if not crazed, story of how painter Vincent Van Gogh severed his ear to win back his lover shows a man writhing in anguish and heartbreak. However, for fans of the post-impressionist painter, his ear will be on display at The Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany. The ear is a feat of 3-dimensional printing; created using the DNA of one of his living relatives and formulated with his size in mind, the ear is as close a replica as has ever been shown. Although some critics [...] Read more [...]
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The Hashtag War

In the wake of the Isla Vista shooting targeting a sorority house, twitter erupted in response with outcry. What seem like long hidden complaints have been vocalized on Twitter in the form of a #YesAllWomen hashtag. The tag accompanies tweets from women all over the world who are tired of being catcalled and victims of rape culture. The pervasive and trending term, rape culture, stands for a culture in which women live in fear of becoming prey to men. Whether it be on the street, on a college campus, [...] Read more [...]
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Interview: New Artist in Residence Tatiana Istomina

Tatiana Istomina, our new Artist in Residence sits down to discuss her inspiration and aspirations as an artist. Quick Background on Tatiana: Tatiana Istomina is a Russian-born US artist working with painting, drawing and video. She holds a PhD in geophysics from Yale University (2010) and MFA from Parsons New School (2011). Her works have been included in group exhibitions at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum (San Antonio), The Drawing Center (New York) [...] Read more [...]
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Debbie Rasiel’s “Picturing Autism” Show

On the evening of May 29th, SOHO20 Gallery held a boisterous and overwhelming happy opening for Debbie Rasiel's "Picturing Autism" show. The exhibition, which began on the 27th, welcomed an array of admirers, close friends, and art-lovers during its opening. Equipped with food and plenty of wine, our doors opened to a crowd of more than 200. If the sheer numbers were not enough evidence, the show was great success. Viewers remarked that the show was moving and touching. The show is comprised of 16 [...] Read more [...]
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