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Casilda Sánchez
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My work explores the space of video installation through the use of often large scale projections that incorporate the physical space, creating immersive environments that trigger an experiential relationship between the viewer and the piece. It is and investigation of various aspects of vision, desire, and intimacy as the most powerful human connector, raising some of its beauties and contradictions.

We are all voyeurs at some point. At least I know I am. I have always been inclined to observe the intimacy of others, if what we call intimacy can be susceptible to being eyed. I believe intimacy is something that – when it exists and occurs – must be apprehensible, and so, I am on the trail.

Intimacy is not linked to individualism but to a fold where I can relate to myself as well as to others. It is because sight is considered to “maintain the most emphatic exteriority of its object”, as Cathryn Vasseleu points out, that it becomes enormously motivating and relevant to explore those moments and faults where it crosses the surface and partakes of the perceived subject. These ideas drove me to consider how might we study intimacy through the act of looking.

Born in Madrid, Spain, Casilda Sánchez holds a Masters Degree in Film, Video and New Media by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and an MA as well as a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. She lives and works in Brooklyn.

Her work has been shown in galleries and institutions such as Videonale13 at Kunstmuseum Bonn and NTMoFA (Taiwan), Aspect Ratio Gallery (Chicago), La Panera (Spain), Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago), Tentaciones at Estampa Arte Múltimple Art Fair (Madrid), The Mission Gallery (Chicago), Soho Photo Gallery (New York), Directors Lounge (Berlin), Museum of the University of Alicante (Madrid, Spain), Sullivan Galleries (Chicago), Optica Festival (Madrid), International Roaming Biennial of Tehran (Istanbul) Estampa Art Gallery (Madrid), FILE RIO 2009 Electronic Language International Festival (Brazil), Museum of Visual Arts (Chile), among others.

Sanchez, Casilda_HighTide_video still_2
High Tide
1 channel HD video (720×1280), vertical
19’27”, loop
Dimensions variable

Sanchez, Casilda_Winter Landscape_installation shot
Winter Landscape
1 channel HD video (1280×674), Mono sound, three acrylic screens
12’48”, loop
19”x 10” x 3”

Sanchez, Casilda_Quisiera (VI)_installation shot_1
Quisiera ser tan alta como la luna (VI) (I wish I was as tall as the moon)
Sculpture, Hydrocal
83” x 6”

Sanchez, Casilda_Quisiera (II)
Quisiera ser tan alta como la luna (II) (I wish I was as tall as the moon)
video, box and monitor
Mono sound
5’00”, loop
3 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches

Sanchez, Casilda_The touch of proximity_installation shot
The touch of proximity
1 channel HD video
12’ 00”, loop
Dimensions around 120″ x 38.6″, 1920×602 (ratio 3.189)

Sanchez, Casilda_Interior with red sofa_installation shot
Interior with red sofa
2 channel HD video installation
Mono sound
12’ 00”, loop
Dimensions variable, two 16:9 channels, Corner projection

Sanchez, Casilda_As Inside as the Eye can See_video still
As Inside as the Eye can See
1 channel HD video
07’ 00”, loop
Dimensions variable, 16:9

Images courtesy of Aspect Ratio

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