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A Quick Close Reading of a Video I Hope Goes Viral

Today, Los Angeles-based writer and activist Emily Clarke brings us a fascinating look at a video piece protesting Silicone Valley gentrification: Recently it seems like there’s been a slew of these articles about technology and how it’s destroying the social … Continue reading

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Women in Charge #3: Grandma

Dear Grandma,

We were never that close – at least not by my measure. I have fleeting memories of times with you: your pink house, your small second wedding (and the unwieldy weight of the basket of flowers I held throughout it), and playing with your rings. Continue reading

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ATTENTION: PEOPLE WITH BODY PARTS– a post from an organization we love

Attention: People With Body Parts is a body-positive initiative with an emphasis on book-making, letter-writing, and collaborative projects. The project started in 2012 when more than forty people were asked to write to their fingernails, their skin, their cancer. These are the parts that carry stories and histories that layer our lives. They make the individual self-construct and self-destruct, and ultimately make us move. Continue reading

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Wendy Davis, the Defense of Marriage Act, and the Politics of Complacency

Representative democratic magic happened in the Texas Statehouse at a quarter to midnight last Tuesday. After two hours of state senators bickering over points of procedure and eleven hours of intrepid State Senator Wendy Davis articulately and passionately eviscerating SB5– a bill that would make abortion almost completely inaccessible to women in rural parts of the state– without sitting, leaning, eating, or using the restroom, Davis’s colleague, Senator Leticia Van De Putte issued a call to arms. Senator Van De Putte, who had left her father’s funeral in order to attend the hearing, demanded, “At what point must a female senator raise her hand or her voice to be recognized over her male colleagues?” Continue reading

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Becky Franco’s CHOSEN in NYArts Magazine

SOHO20 artist Becky Franco’s exhibition CHOSEN reviewed in NYArts Magazine! Being an artist is all about vulnerability. Some artists are pretty afraid of this, creating a product that feels very closed-off and protected from the prying eyes of their viewers. … Continue reading

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