Christie Blizard-Statement

( bio / statement / work )

Much of my early life was informed by the television show Pinwheel and early video games like Zelda and Mario Brothers. One of my earliest memories is sitting in my dad’s orange Pinto listening to “Arthur’s Theme.” Thinking of my childhood in the 1980’s, I am drawn to LED dots and cross-stitching, plastic materials, fluorescent light fixtures, pixels, stripes, stop motion animation, and open appropriation. I am also very interested in the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze, particularity his ideas of cinema and the plane of immanence. Deleuze writes much about the weaknesses behind a privileged viewpoint and the ability of a montage to show time beyond our usual perceptions. I use fragmentation to describe transitions between ideas and forms. Remnants of images, memories of states prior to the formation of language, the instability of a fixed style—all infuse my work. The plane of immanence for Deleuze is an ocean from which things emerge. I am fascinated with this idea as a way to describe the formation of aesthetic sensibilities, personal content, and the malleability therein.

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