Emily Clarke

 Emily Clarke is a junior Creative Writing major at Oberlin College. She makes great cheesy eggs.






Laura Grothaus

Laura Grothaus is a writer and artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been published in So to Speak, Scintilla, Plum Creek Review, and Wilder Voice.









Kara Lessin

Kara Lessin is a sophomore at Harvard College studying Social Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She spends her time working and interning with organizations that disprove the common belief that a Harvard diploma promises a lucrative job.







Annie Rasiel

Annie Rasiel is a junior at Oberlin College studying English and Comparative American Studies with a concentration in Histories and Practices of Social Change. She’s taught writing to people of all ages in rural Ohio, New York City, and Johannesburg, South Africa; interned in the US Senate; and worked as a campus team leader for the Obama campaign in 2012. In her spare time she eats noodles and worries.



Sarah RieckeSarah Riecke is a recent graduate of Oberlin College, where she studied Creative Writing and Medieval Studies. In Fall 2013 Sarah will be doing social justice work in Chicago with the Episcopal Service Corps. Her favorite saint is Hildegard of Bingen, and she knows every word of the Muppet Movie soundtrack.

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