Elaine Shor – Bio

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Elaine Shor studied fine art at Brooklyn College, where she earned her baccalaureate degree in 1979. Ms. Shor’s preferred medium is oil paint and her focus is on the human form. Therefore, she often uses models while creating her figurative paintings. She has exhibited her work in New York and in New Jersey. In addition, a business case manufacturer employs her as a designer.

In May of 1998, Ms. Shor earned a master’s degree in art therapy from New York University. Her interest in art therapy stems from a long-term fascination with the art process in relation to unconscious material. Her direct experience with the expression of feelings and emotions through her artwork increased her interest in the field. While interning during her studies, Ms. Shor saw how the art process assists the therapist in reaching the isolated patient. In addition, she witnessed the amazing healing power of the act of creating.

Ms. Shor is presently in private practice as an art therapist with an office in Colts Neck, New Jersey and also works in an adult, inpatient, psychiatric unit. She divides her time among her three fields of interest—designing, painting, and practicing art therapy.

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