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The works on paper by Eleonora Tammes are non-figurative. A rythmic build-up, the suggestion of change, organic processes, form repetitions and structures dominate the compositions. Central is the combination of shapes and line patterns, color shades and movement. Close study of her work reveals a fascination with form and proportion. As if, for her, painting is a matter and manner of research into the ways elements of form relate and interact with each other. Her intention is to discover and employ the interplays of light, shape, color and structure.

Tammes says of her work: “Like individuals forming an audience, or atoms a mineral lattice, grapevines a vineyard and bricks a wall, I build assemblages of graphical elements characterized by regular and irregular patterns. These patterns reflect my love of construction and express aspects inherent to entities composed of smaller units, such as process, purpose, function, mode, belonging, limitations and flux.”

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