Elisa Garcia de la Huerta Statement

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Memory churns the psyche, itself a churn of memories. My multidisciplinary work explores the periphery of interior space once colonized. Nostalgic murmurs, veils, layers and scars approximate the secret crevices lodging the physiological residues of conditioned vulnerability – the emotional gaps and psychological lacunae in which we hide, and heal.

Adopting a wide array of media – photography, video, fabric collage, installation and experimental painting – I trace the boundaries of genre, using formal devices such as concealment, juxtaposition and projection to comment on the postmodern performativity of gender, race and identity. Born and raised under the vehement repression and strict religiosity of Chile military dictatorship, my work is proudly queer and righteously feminist. As an interdisciplinary and hybrid practice my work is a commingling of cultures and historical lineages within a transnational feminist frame where the primal impulses of pleasure and violence coevolves. My work confronts the unsung legacy of La Mujerista overshadowed by a matrix of suffocating patriarchal institutions: Church, State and Global Market Capitalism. It negotiates a new hierarchy of emotional values grounded in the wisdom of indigenous folklore, myth and ritual, women’s crafts, multifarious art lineages, ancestral legends and the revolutionary visioning of Latin American muralism.

In recent works on paper and fabric, I’ve adopted the iconography of witchcraft and the feudal patriarchy that tortured and burned these women simply for loving nature and its supernatural, life giving forces. Incorporating images of porn and native warrior mythology of the Pre-Columbian cultures of Chile, I express the brutal essence of chauvinism and male dominance cross-historically and cross-culturally.

In a correlate body of work featuring digitally altered photo collage, I fashion a new symbolic female order: talismans and totems to unyoke authoritarian canons, to foster the cult of the child and infringe at they seems of a pervasive neo-liberal colonial imperialist ethics which place individual achievement over community and compassion. This work is landscape visioning, a rebirth of ancient belief systems, rainbow spirit and supernatural powers; it is a sacred hymnal for non-gendered bodies floating though an exotic pleasure-paradise.

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