Elizabeth Bisbing: Unstuck

January 7 – February 1, 2016
Opening Reception: Fri. January 8, 6-9pm


Elizabeth Bisbing, Burning Dick and Jane and Little Betty Jane, 2015. Video, TRT 4:33

SOHO20 is pleased to present Unstuck, an exhibition of new drawings, collages and animations by SOHO20 fellow and artist member Elizabeth Bisbing.

The double entendre of this exhibition’s title refers both to the flexibility of the artist’s primary medium, collage, as well as the cathartic push of breaking into a new body of work. In this relatively unmanicured presentation of Bisbing’s works, we are privy to all aspects of her art making process through her sketchbooks, collages, and animations – tracing a line from the raw ideas to the compact, energetic final pieces.

Beginning her career as a painter, Bisbing still treats each paper layer as if it were a brush stroke, impressionistically building up her surfaces until they become thick and nuanced. She now channels her experiences through cut paper collages, which delicately waver between tightly rendered figures, and larger, impulsively sketched shapes and lines. Specific characters also come to play an integral role in her works. For her recent Calamities series, she uses imagery of girls faced with potentially disastrous situations as a comment on the vulnerability of youth and innocence. In her animations, Bisbing employs the character Little Betty Jane, her stoic alter ego, as a way to confront seen and unseen perils, using absurdity to usurp the the unwavering cultural homogeneity of the Dick and Jane narrative. These playful, episodic adventures, most of which do not end well for the characters, coupled with the vibrant detail in each work, give us access to Bisbing’s natural inclination to simultaneously keep and let go of control.

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