Ginger Issue #12 Release: creating feminist spaces in publishing

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Sat. April 21, 6-8pm


Please join us for the first spring event of SOHO20’s 2017/2018 Program Fellowship – Home on The Page: towards a feminist public, organized by Emily Gaynor.

Adjua Garcia Nzinga Greaves (Wendy’s Subway/The Florxal Review), Kimi Hanauer (Press Press Baltimore), and Corina Reynolds (Small Editions) will discuss how indie/DIY publications can create and make visible communities, emphasizing how feminism and social networks (aka friendship) effects the creative practice of publishing.

Ginger is a zine project by Jacqueline Cantu and Markee Speyer that maps networks of creative women, trans, and non-binary people, where each contributor is referred by an editor or contributor from a previous issue. Ginger, the root, grows in varied directions from various points, and friendships and social groups grow the same way, so we ask each contributor to recommend someone else to be included in an upcoming issue to keep the network growing.

The discussion will be followed by a celebration of the release of Issue #12, which also marks Ginger’s 3rd anniversary.

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