Installation: Up Close

Installation images of the exhibition Up Close

Featuring the works of: B. Amore, Karen Baldner, Fran Bull, Louise Farrell, Gail Hoffman, Elizabeth Michelman, Nelleke Nix, Barbara Rehg, Ann Rowles, Georgia Strange, Virginia Tyler, Rosie Thompson, and Mary Whalen.

Installation view

Virginia Tyler (left), Elizabeth Michelman (right)

Virginia Tyler (left), Elizabeth Michelman (right)

Barb Regh

Clockwise from left: B. Amore, Fran Bull, Gail Hoffman, Karen Baldner.

B. Amore (left), Karen Baldner (center), Fran Bull (right)


Clockwise from left: Ann Rowles, Mary Whalen, Georgia Strange (center), Louise Farrell, Nelleke Nix, and Rosie Thompson

Installation view through the office







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