Joan Ryan-Statement

( bio / statement / work )

A return to the nostalgia, a global legacy, is pervasive in post-modern search for identity. Using images from advertising, media, and historical global events, my work mirrors a global homogenization and a crisis of decay within our contemporary culture.

Using nostalgic images that clash with our present reality works aim to confront the fear and denial permeating our belief system. Harsh truths of an imperfect present loom in the ironic content of these drawings. The process questions visually, our manufactured desire for a fictitious past while revealing the complexity of our cultural identity and actual heritage.

There is breakdown of historical image that undergoes a transformation when juxtapose against current global events. The combination of loosely rendered historical moments recall profound moments in our collective memories that are fragmented but recognizable, layered and transformed by the passage of time. This transformation questions memory and concepts of nostalgia. These disjointed images challenge our concept of reality. By editing and collaging seemly disparate images I reconstruct meaning creating a space where boundaries are blurred and question of our past understandings emerge. These narratives are not linear, our memory of events is altered by time, yet still powerfully present in our lives. Many of these historical images are public memory. Memory is not fixed; it changes with each generation but its power plays an important role in our collective consciousness.

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