Jody Wood & Mikel Bisbee-Durlam

On November 6th, 2010 Jody Wood & Mikel Bisbee-Durlam performed  seize/duplicate\repeat for Savoir-Faire at SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery.






















The brain and body react in unmediated ways to trauma.  Both individually and as a pair, Wood and Bisbee-Durlam perform repetitive movement and laborious action against external parameters and challenges to examine, mimic, and reinterpret the ways that the human brain and body react to extreme events and damage, whether psychological or physical.

Planned and unplanned movement is taken to exhaustive degrees as metaphor for the various hang-ups, stunted psychological growth, and trauma that individuals possess. seize/duplicate\repeat incorporates multi-channel video, props, and live performance in which the artists create a looping schism in time in order to lose control of their bodies and move closer to the nature of traumatic experience.



Jody Wood received her MFA in Expanded Media from the University of Kansas in 2009. She has exhibited in Seattle, Kansas City, Philadelphia and New York City at venues including Nexus/Foundation for Today’s Art,

The Spencer Museum of Art, and D’adamo/Woltz Gallery, and her work has been awarded funding grants from the Spencer Museum of Art and the Multidisciplinary Research Building in Lawrence, KS.  Wood was a PONCHO recipient of a one-year artist-in-residency scholarship in Sculpture at Pratt Fine Art Center in 2004 and has been a visiting artist lecturer at Emporia State University and Pratt Fine Art Center. In 2009 her work was selected by Kate Gilmore for the first juried video exhibition at SOHO20 Gallery in NYC.




Mikel Bisbee-Durlam received his MFA from the University of South Florida in 2006 and previously he attended the University of Northern Iowa and Alfred University in Alfred, NY. Mikel has shown and performed at The Weddings Presents in Tokyo, Musee d’Art Contemporain in Marseille, Locust Projects in Miami, and New General Catalog in Brooklyn.  He was an artist in residence at Vector Gallery in Romania, and has had solo exhibitions in Chicago, Anchorage, AK and in Iowa.  Since 2000, Mikel has been part of the art collaborative duo The Fluff Construct with artist Ethan Kruszka of MN.





Photos: Forest Christenson


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