Katya Grokhovsky: Unresolved


Open Studio and Performance

Thurs. August 20, 6-9PM
Performance begins at 7pm

View photos from the performance here.



Katya Grokhovsky, Unresolved, 2015. photo by Natasha Frisch

On August 20th, 2015, our current Artist in Residence, Katya Grokhovsky, will present the works created during her one month long residency in an Open Studio culmination event, which will include a live performance.

Following the thread from the most recent Feminist Urgent Roundtable #4 (hosted on July 30 at SOHO20), Grokhovsky will present Unresolved (2015), a participatory performance, during which Grokhovsky asks the members of the public to brush out her hair, which she has deliberately not combed for the last five months, serving as a form of a private, living protest.

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