Laura Linda Miller: Economy of Heat and Tears

Presented as part of Interference

Thurs. October 22, 2015, 7PM


SOHO20 was pleased to present the first performance in our time based series, Interference, featuring Bronx based artist Laura Linda Miller. Compressing many generations of history and learned knowledge together in a jumble of language, Laura Linda Miller’s work flips seamlessly between the metaphorical, the symbolic and the real. Using the most powerful and ubiquitous presentation tool in the world, Microsoft PowerPoint is both the medium and part of the message. Educating the viewers on history and economics, while simultaneously thwarting their potential for concrete understanding, Miller’s high-energy performances belie the simple logic and boredom that one expects through this presentation device.

For this performance, Miller presented her PowerPoint performance: Economy of Heat and Tears, which focused particularly on The disambiguation of pepper. Performance attendees were presented with the opportunity to try the most infrequently consumed species of pepper in the world, a red pepper with black seeds.


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