Lisa Fischetti Statement

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I have been an architectural designer, furniture designer and a painter for the last thirty years and these three pursuits have had a profound effect on each other. One consistent endeavor in all of my work is the organization and alignment of elements, within a mathematical grid, creating a continuity and an ambiguity between edge, line and space. As architecture and furniture have a clear structure and weightiness, so do my paintings. They are as concerned with being an object, as about painting itself.

As a still life is about the arrangement of objects in a pictorial space, my paintings are an ensemble of 3/4″ hardwood boards affixed to a wood stretcher, with space either dividing the individual pieces or surrounding them as a background. The dimension of the wood and the use of collage give the work its depth and solidity. The paint is an emotive skin, adding color and fluidity between the parts. Space is rendered flat and the juxtaposition of the edge creates both the boundary and the connection to each piece. The three dimensionality of the work is literal and not illusional.

Lisa D. Fischetti

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