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“I have been an architectural designer, furniture designer, and a painter for the last forty years and these three pursuits have had a profound effect on each other. One consistent endeavor in all of my work is the organization and alignment of elements, both solids and voids, within a mathematical grid, creating continuity and an ambiguity between edge, line and space. As architecture and furniture have a clear structure and weightiness, so do my paintings. They are as concerned with being an object, as about painting itself.

In my paintings, I am interested in separating the layer of paint, or applied paper or wood from the surface (typically a wood panel) that it covers. This layer is cut away at or peeled off, revealing the underside of the panel and making the work 3 dimensional. The vulnerability of the material is revealed by the natural tears and splintering that occurs while being removed and separated from the surface. This layer is an emotive skin creating a tension between itself, the surface it’s attached to and the space around it.

My medium is oil paint, wood, and paper on wood panels.”   – Lisa D. Fischetti

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