Lisette Morel


Lisette Morel

Artist Statement

I paint to release thoughts I cannot express. The process, action, accidents and discoveries, are all expressions of the aggressions/frustrations that I hide and the love and mystery that swirls in me but goes unnoticed to the naked eye. This is why abstraction is my chosen field of expression. I am addicted to the accumulations of my marks invoking gestural reiterations of motifs to open the viewers mind to oscillating states of consciousness so that my audience can encounter blissful, meditative and ritualistic moments. Each layer alludes to the passage of time. It is a mapping where each repetitive gesture and mark follows the next documenting my step by step movements across the pictorial surface. Abstraction provides a loose interpretation of my life experiences and the people and places in it. Whether on small paper or large canvas, it is how I make tangible my interactions.


“My Adventures with the Dot and the Line on the #6 Train”
2007. Charcoal, Graphite and Soft Pastels on Wall. Dimensions variable

“Remembering My Dream” 2006. Charcoal and Artists’ hair on Wall.
Dimensions Variable

“Virtual World” 2008. Acrylic on Paper and Wall. Dimensions Variable

“What If #2” 2008. Acrylic on Paper. 18”x24”

“Where I live #1″ 2008. Oil pastels on New Jersey map. 24″x36″

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