Lucy Hodgson – Work

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“No Man’s land”, 2014

“Pipelines and power stations”, 2014

“Put a Lid on It”, 2014

“No Land in Sight”, 2011, Spruce, steel and rust, app. 6″h x 16″w x 14″d

“And Flights of Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest” 2011, Sassafrass, pine and steel pipe, app. 10′ 6″ x 30″w x 30″d

“Into Thin Air”, 2011, Steel coated with Envirotek. App. 74″h x 12″w x 14″ d

“Into Thin Air” (detail)

“Fracking Up”, 2011, Apple Branch, wood and steel pipe, app. 72″h x 48″w x 64″d

“Good to the Last Drop”, 2011, Sassafrass Tree, pine box and steel pipe, App. 74″h x 10″w x 14″d

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