Maria Jose Duran Steinman – Statement

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I build my present work from questioning the memories of sensuality and crudeness that exist in the physical contact between bodies. The maternal relationship, the couple, oneself with the society and the relationship with our own body are variables that state expectations to what this object body should be. Body language is subjective to each culture, religion evaluates its purity and media dictates its appearance.

I notice my body to understand what I do with my work. How I move, how heavy I am. Am I big? Am I close to another body? Am I close enough? Am I using too much or someone else’s space? Am I narrow? From questions I ask about my daily interaction with the social and physical space then, How do I shape myself?

Gravity and the body. The structure that supports our weight and the hanging volumes that loosely or strictly conform our shapes is from where my sculpture and installation evolve. With non- rigid materials like fabrics and yarn I build worm-like structures which lack the rigid skeleton that supports and gives autonomy to the volume.

My sculptures and installations structurally depend on the contact with the architecture. Having at least one point – a very small area- of the sculpture in connection to the wall, floor or ceiling, can transform the direction in space of the three dimensional element. This could be suspended, falling, erecting its structure or even expanding in circumstances when the piece has more than one connection with the architectural space.

Gravity tensions the soft sculpture by its weight. The sculpture is fragile, it struggles to maintain a permanent form. However, the figure travels in form. The conflict exists in “the body/ sculpture” defined and redefined by a context in flux.

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