Marielis Seyler – Statement

( bio / statement / work )

The red thread through my work is the expression of “hurt”. By that I mean injuries to the soul and the eventual process of healing. No doubt, I was influenced by JOSEPH BEUYS, whom I knew. His most famous and compelling performance“How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare” left quite an impression in me. I realize now, that it enabled me to make vulnerability visible.

A while back I started to experiment with a series of what I call “Trampelbilder” literally meaning “Step-on-Pictures”– huge enlargements of images which I place on sidewalks in such a way that pedestrians are more or less forced to trample over them, leave their foot prints so to speak. It is amazing to watch the reaction! A sense of bewilderment at first, hesitation, fear of inflicting damage to a piece of art.

I am also working on a series of what I call “Open Air Pictures”. It is a process during which Mother Nature has the opportunity to express her hurt. My images are her medium. – Exhibition quality enlargements get placed on my lawn,. Each season leaves a particular mark. Windswept blooms, fruits, leaves, animals. For me the process is important. The result a surprise.

I no longer take individual photographs, but run with series and installations I create “stories“; they originate in my subconscious. There is no planning. I continue to seek variety and new ways, to express my thoughts and feelings created by our life on this crazy planet!

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