Mary Whalen – Statement

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Although I have worked in color for years, black and white photography is my main fascination. The tonal qualities of the black and white image offer great depth to any subject. I believe that what comes through to the viewer of a black and white image has a certain depth or point of view which is singularly expressive. By looking at my work on this web site, I hope you can see and understand what I find to be important when photographing any subject, and I am glad to share it with you. Some people, mainly my husband, have told me that I have a special talent of putting people at ease when I photograph them making their true personalities come through in the finished photograph. I hope that you will also view the photos on my web site with this in mind. The camera is device which is and extension of myself that I use for expressing what I visualize, teaching, earning a living, and creating a collective work of images which capture the world and our times.

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