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Sat, June 9, 7-9pm


image : Dee Tran

Please join us for a night of performance, readings, and birthday cake during the final event of SOHO20’s 2017/2018 Program Fellowship – Home on The Page: towards a feminist public, organized by Emily Gaynor.

This amorphous birthday party held at SOHO20 will celebrate the launch of Milkmade, a new publication exploring the intersections of food, art, identity, and labor. For our first issue, we focused on birth, birthdays, and beginnings, and will be sharing work and ideas from the publication in the gallery. The Kickstarter campaign funding the printing, design, and distribution of Milkmade 01 : Birthdays will go live just before our very own birthday party, and we will be accepting pre-orders of the publication (as well as Milkmade goodies!) via Kickstarter pledges at this event.

Birthday treats will be provided by Sweet Generation, a bakery focused on teaching job readiness skills and creating job opportunities for at-risk youth; and trollcakes, a bakery-detective-agency turning internet hate into dessert.

The following members of the Milkmade community will be responding to the theme of birth and birthdays at our inaugural launch. We hope to see you there!

Reed Hexamer is a multimedia artist, organizer, poet, author, and myth hacker working out of the San Francisco bay area. Her favorite birthday dessert is anything baked with good company, particularly if it is topped with a mound of freshly whipped cream.

Mia Jager is a Vermont-born / Manhattan-living human who works for Sustain, a vegan condom company. She is a maker and curious being whose work revolves around human dynamics, sex, and bodies. Her favorite birthday dessert is a chocolate cake, with raspberry filling and a raspberry buttercream frosting from Mirabelle’s in Burlington, Vermont, as per family tradition.

Rae Popjes is a mother who works full time to support the passions of her children. She loves to cook, bake, and explore food in every form. She would ideally like to share recipes in person and cook side by side in her teachers’ kitchens.She doesn’t love her birthday but that’s nothing chocolate can’t cure.

Jackiie Popjes is Milkmade’s founder. She’s a museum educator, curatorial wannabe, and and artist/academic exploring the multifaceted intersections of food and identity— with particular focus on women and sweetness. She has her cake and eats it too. Her favorite (very specific) birthday dessert is leftover store-bought vanilla birthday cake, frozen.

Flora Wilds is a multimedia artist with a BA in Art History and Philosophy from Suffolk University.  Her work focuses on the external and internal dramas of existing in a body- as a woman, as a queer person, as a young person with chronic illness, as someone who fears being both “too much” and not enough. Currently, she is sewing clothing she has worn into sculptures through which she is exploring the traumas and celebrations of youth, clothing as an intimate vessel for retaining physical experience, and clothing/accessories of the 00s as social indicators of a culturally indoctrinated femininity. She is a Cancer who enjoys eating blueberry pancakes on her birthday.

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