Monica Bock-Statement

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As an artist, I’m interested in the life of the human body. With my work in sculpture and installation, I observe and record, but also resist the loss to which bodies are subject. Minimalist and Feminist discourses have shaped my expression of this interest and my academic training has influenced my visual imagination, but so also has the peculiar proximity of the Catholic Church and my mother’s anatomy labs in my past experience. Side by side in my mind are images of religious reliquaries and medical specimen cases, ecstatic saints and flayed cadavers, promised eternity and matter-of-fact death. I conflate sacred, scientific and domestic imagery in work that is often based on castings of the body and of found objects. I use ephemeral substances such as salt and soap, as well as apparently durable materials such as porcelain and iron. My cross-disciplinary projects have included photography, sound, performance, and poetry. For the past twelve years, I focused thematically on the ordinary extremes of maternal life, as witness to both its intimacy and its alienation. Very recently, however, new sculptural work in metal and ceramic has begun to wander farther from home.

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