This page is currently under construction.  As such, an incomplete list of past members is available below.  Please email for more information.  Past members are listed alphabetically by last name.

Anne Elliott
Ginny Fox
Carla Hernandez
Bonam Kim
Eva Mantell
Nana Olivas
Afarin Rahmanifar
Nancy Rodrigo


The original SOHO20 Gallery founding members were: Elena Borstein, Cynthia Mailman, Barbara Coleman, Maureen Conner, Mary Ann Gillies, Joan Glueckman, Eunic Golden, Margaret Helenchild, Marion Ranyak, Rachel Rolon De Clet, Marilyn Raymond, Halina Rusak, Lucy Sallick, Morgan Sanders, Rosalind Shaffer, Sylvia Sleigh, Eileen Spikol, May Stevens, Suzanne Weisberg, and Sharon Wybrants-Lynch.  For more on SOHO20’s founding members, please see our Mission + History.


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