Patricia Espinosa – Statement

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My work begins with a reaction, one brief moment triggers and sets the development of a piece. I like to work fast, capture the spirit in minutes, paint a state of mind, a spiritual similarity rather than physical.

Drawing has always been fundamental to my work. It is a medium that allows me to trace and represent emotions in an instant. From my early work as an artist I have never stopped using India ink and my favorite tool: wooden coffee stirrers. Even if its not distinguishable in some of my ink drawings, it is almost certain that I’ve used it. I like the contrast and the unpredictable marks I get using a coffee stirrer, rough and delicate at the same time. The ink application and distribution is also completely arbitrary. I am passionate about strong contrasts, it is precisely this what I consider the most dramatic and emotional element conveyed in my work. I was born and raised in Mexico, a land of contrasts. Social and educational disparity has strongly inspired my work as well.

My painting palette consists of luminous, vibrant and basic colors and just like in my drawings, black is an essential color.

Much of my work is considered realistic but at the same time, to my own surprise, it has resulted in abstract pieces. I don’t consider myself an artist who plans her work, to the contrary, I am sure that it will be constantly changing and evolving. My goal is to nurture that spontaneity while always looking for new technics to support my expressiveness.

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