SOHO20 Gallery offers public programs to engage audiences, support the practices of women artists, and educate the public about issues surrounding women in the arts.

+/- Project Space
SOHO20’s +/- Project Space features one work, project or performance by an artist or group at a time. Focusing on works that are either ephemeral, performative or site-specific, artists are chosen to participate in the project space based on their artistic process rather than product. Highlighting the works and practices of emerging artists, the +/- Project Space exhibitions will run concurrently with the regular exhibition season, opening once per month. 

Rethinking Feminism
A series of events, panels and discussions intended to examine different viewpoints within the current discourse around feminism in our daily lives, in the art world, and between generations.

Residency Lab
SOHO20’s Residency Lab aims to foster open dialogue between working artists and visiting public. Cultivating possibilities of the gallery as a creative incubator, SOHO20’s full exhibition space will be used by our resident for one full month in the summer. Designed to support the creation of new work, while offering opportunities to explore notions of the studio practice on view, and active/passive interactions with daily visitors, SOHO20 Gallery will remain open through our normal working hours through the duration of the residency.

Interference is a program that invites artists working in time based media to stage a one night event in SOHO20’s gallery space. Gathering inspiration from the interference waves of analog television or radio, where a third image or sound is produced from the overlay or combination, this program likewise investigates the crossover between time-based works and standard exhibition presentation. The resulting events have no predetermined format. Each invited artist will use the context of the exhibition already on display in the gallery to either inform their project or as a backdrop, with the goal of adding to and ultimately shifting the reception of the space as a whole.

Special Events
Special Events include Bushwick Open Studios, gallery nights, and collaborative talks, performances, readings, or other programming outside of the above categories.  We welcome new ideas.

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