Rethinking Feminism

A series of events, panels, performances, and discussions intended to examine different viewpoints within the current discourse around feminism in our daily lives, in the art world, and between generations.


Upcoming Events:

TFAP NYC-Sculptor’s Party
Tue. October 25, 7-9pm

Katie Skelly: Valley of the Dolls
Sat. November 5, 8pm

+ Past events:

(RE)PRESENT – Manifestations of Anger/Violence in Art
Fri. September 16, 2016

Impact Statement : A Feminist Public Action in three parts
Sat. June 18, 2016

(RE)PRESENT – Gender Fluidity in Art Practice
Fri. June 10, 2016

Ewa Partum Polish Feminist Conceptual Artist in the Context of Western Feminist Art Theories
Sat. April 23, 2016

(RE)PRESENT: Intergenerational Online Platforms – Exchange for Feminist Discussion and Communication
Fri. April 8, 2016

(RE)PRESENT: Feminism, Who Needs It?
Fri. January 15, 2016

(RE)PRESENT: Decisions by Choice or Necessity?
Fri. November 6, 2015

+ Feminist Urgent Roundtable #4: Alone, privately, publicly, in silence, daily – I protest!
July 30, 2015

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