VISUAL VOLUME featuring: Jessie Marino, Michelle Nagai, LOUD OBJECTS w/Katie Shima and Lesley Flanigan and LIQUID STATE BYPASS w/Sandy Gordon.

Savoir-Faire 2010 features an exciting new line up of artists presenting never-before-seen live performances at SOHO20 from November 5-20. Visitors will experience a myriad of sights and sounds as each artist explores new territory within their work as well as the meaning, context, and significance of performance art. This year’s performances include a choreographed re-arrangement of the gallery’s architectural space, a conceptual dinner party, a re-imagining of a classic horror film and much more. A light reception will accompany each event for visitors to enjoy.

Savoir-Faire began in 2009 as a platform for performance artists to realize new projects with the support of both a venue and an audience. Gallery Director Jenn Dierdorf created the invitational program and works with each artist to develop and present their projects to a live audience. Artists are chosen based on the exceptional quality of their work and their commitment to the arts.

Savoir-Faire seeks to provide a direct link between emerging artists and a public hungry for live artistic expression and eager to experience and/or participate in this reinvented medium. Only through performance can the audience, artist, reality, and imagination conjoin and confuse in such a beautiful and absurd way. Through Savoir-Faire, SOHO20 draws out the playful, experimental, and powerfully delicious aspects of artistic inquiry to reassess and redefine our perceptions about art, life, and the roles of women in each.

Savoir-Faire celebrates performance as an artistic medium and extends the lineage of artists to those striving to find visibility today. SOHO2O Gallery Chelsea is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 promoting the work of women artists and serving the community through public events.

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