Sylvia Sherr – Statement

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My early art background is with paint and drawing. I began as a painter in oil on canvas. When I took a class in pottery in college I fell in love with clay and saw it as a vehicle for drawing and painting. Instead of a pencil, pen or brush I use a pin tool to draw the lines. Instead of paint colors I use stains and glazes.
At the core is the drawn line. The hand- built clay shapes carry and define the images I choose. I am influenced by the way line is used in Botticelli, Durer, and Holbein paintings. My line is organic, thick or thin and moving around the face, hands, or body to express each part in terms of movement and feeling. The pin tool makes a groove in the leather hard clay. After the bisque firing I send black stain along the groove like a moving river and I have my line.
I still paint on canvas, too. I cannot give that up. Line is of foremost interest to me in both mediums.

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