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Women in Charge #3: Grandma

Dear Grandma,

We were never that close – at least not by my measure. I have fleeting memories of times with you: your pink house, your small second wedding (and the unwieldy weight of the basket of flowers I held throughout it), and playing with your rings. Continue reading

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A History of Women-Only Spaces

In honor of our WOMEN IN CHARGE show, as well as our ongoing commitment to empowering women in the arts, we bring you a quick history of women-only spaces, courtesy of Brittany Craig, a Chicago-based activist and educator. Continue reading

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Women in Charge #2: Ms. Bowsher

From third through fifth grade, some of us–the lucky ones with the highest scores on a particular standardized test we had taken in second grade–would walk twice a week from the main school building to Ms. Bowsher’s portable classroom. We came for Explorations, a class which was supplemental to our late elementary curriculum and integral to our happiness. Beneath the poetry posters Ms. Bowsher had lettered herself,* we discovered logical matrices and etymology and the binary system. We assumed mythological personae for a Summit of the Gods and folded a fleet of paper airplanes to experiment with aerodynamics. Ms. Bowsher believed we learned by doing and sometimes didn’t make it to the blackboard at all; she just sat at the rectangle table with us and we talked for the full hour. “You learn by making connections,” she said. And we did. Continue reading

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Women in Charge #1: Rita Dove

In the days leading up to (and for the duration of!) our WOMEN IN CHARGE show, we will be updating our blog once a week with posts about women we admire. If you are interested in writing for our blog email info(at)soho20gallery(dot)com!

Our first post comes courtesy of Laura Grothaus, a Cincinnati-based artist and writer. Continue reading

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