The Ambassadors – an Orchestrated Reading

Thurs. February 18, 7pm



Wouldn’t it be nice to hear, more than once, all that you experience when you meet an other?
A luxury. A cacophony. But how else?

I have high functioning

the eyes
leak expression

I go between guileless and gutless
in every
and guileless and gutless and guileless and gutless

SOHO20 was pleased to present a layered reading of The Ambassadors by artist Megan Snowe, on the occasion of her exhibition in the +/- Project Space. The Ambassadors is a series of poetic texts, all with the same title, that strive to imitate the simultaneous communications that occur within a single face to face interaction, while remaining fully aware of their own textual limitations. Snowe weaved together live and recorded readings of these texts, in several variations, to create a solo performative sound work.


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