The Baltimore Experimental Dance Collective

The Baltimore Experimental Dance Collective performed Consumed on December 8th, 2011 as part of Savoir-Faire at SOHO20 Gallery Chelsea.














CONSUMED is a performance about the absorption of our environment on our psyche. The residual effects of adhering to routine, conforming to paradigms and imposing structures upon our relatively organic existence become articulated in a seven part performance addressing ideas of polarity, ego and anxiety.  Through a playful teasing of the audience the dancers create an ethereal state and coax viewers into their imagination.  Using choreographed dance, experimental movement and transformative costumes, BXDC is a playful force that veers us slightly from reality.

The Baltimore Experimental Dance Collective  (BXDC) is a group of artists that came together in 2010 to create works based in experimental movement and dance.  While many in the group are not formally trained in dance, they maintain a consistent twice-weekly rehearsal schedule that includes movement workshops that are open to the public. Although the group’s members specialize in a broad range of artistic mediums, they all share a strong interest in using physical movement to examine our shared environment and collective consciousness. BXDC’s diverse membership enables the collective to produce their own music, costumes, and sets for their performances. Following a performance at the Showpaper Gallery, and a residency held at Moves Gallery in Brooklyn, NY entitled Organization of Orga[ni]sm, Savoir Faire is BXDC’s third exhibition in New York City. BXDC includes but is not limited to Bethany Dinsick, Monica Mirabile, Sigrid Lauren, Madeline Tess Peters, Isa Leal, Sarah Magida, Sophia Mak, Sara Autrey, Nina Ebner, Sophie Moore, and Isa Gonzalez.

Photos: Daniel Tepper










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