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The Push Pops are a radical, queer feminist art collective. Geared toward engendering ‘Embodied Feminism,’ the collective is primarily concerned with the expenditure and conservation of the self in relation to the Other. Employing the female body – that which is bound to a cross-cultural language of desire, signification and power – in tactical, ideological strategy, the Push Pops utilize gesture, exclamation and popular idiom to embody a new and discursive physicality. Neo-Dada, Fluxist and Feminist, their performance work posits the body as a danger to the operation of reason and male economy of lack. A wild leap, an elusive slogan, a paroxysm of the flesh – The Push Pops reinscribe the body through participatory ritual, spontaneous performance and interactive multi-media installation.

The Push Pops are a radical feminist collective under the direction of Katie Cercone (b. 1984 Santa Rosa, California) and Elisa Garcia de la Huerta (b. 1983 Santiago, Chile). The Push Pops formed at the School of Visual Art where both Cercone and Garcia obtained their MFA in 2011. The Push Pops have shown their interactive multi-media sculptures and performances in free public art festivals and underground galleries throughout the greater Metropolitan area since April of 2010. Last year, the collective received NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship for their upcoming project ‘The Oral History of Ice Cream.’ In addition to their collaborative work the two each maintain personal practices. Elisa Garcia’s multidisciplinary process incorporates experimental painting, textile, photo and video. Katie Cercone does performative video sculpture around the Spirituality of Hip Hop.



Bulimic Flow’ feat. TLC’s crazysexycool as a looped mantra, Yoga Hip Hop Fusion for the 3rd Chakra

Rainbagladybow’ Performance for Art in Odd Places: RITUAL, 2011

Aerobic Utopia, 11 x 17″ promo poster, Performance on Governor’s Island, Figment Festival


Gone Wild, 11 x 17″ promo poster, Performance during Beta Spaces, Bushwick, Brooklyn


Block Watching REMIX, 11 x 17″ promo poster, Performance at Moore St. Market, Bushwick, Brooklyn


Rainbagladybow, 11 x 17″ promo poster, Performance on 14th St. during Art in Odd Places: RITUAL

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