Unseen Forces: Discussion with the Artist

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Sun-Earth Connection, Space Weather

Fri. December 9, 7-9PM

SOHO20 invites you to join us for a conversation between exhibiting artist Inhye Lee and space physicist Hyomin Kim, PhD in conjunction with the exhibition, Unseen Forces.

The Sun and Earth are connected through magnetic fields, the unseen yet ubiquitous forces in nature, which control the motion of particles from the Sun. The impact of what is now called “space weather” on the human life and technology is substantial, significant enough for President Obama to create an executive order in preparation for space weather-related disasters. During this discussion, Lee and Kim will describe the importance of magnetic field observations for space weather research, show various ways of representing these unseen forces, and give an explanation of the mechanism behind the exhibition’s main installation.


Inhye Lee, Magnetic Field Drawing with Everyday Objects, 2016. Prints from interactive drawing, 12 x 18 inches.

Inhye Lee and Hyomin Kim are a team of an interactive artist and a space physicist who enthusiastically bring scientific topics and natural phenomena into the world of interactive and visual art.

Hyomin Kim, PhD

Dr. Hyomin Kim is Research Professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research. His main interest is observations of the Earth’s magnetic fields to understand the Sun-Earth environment and development of magnetometers. He has visited various Arctic and Antarctic regions for observations of the Earth’s magnetic fields as part of his doctoral and post-doctoral research funded by National Science Foundation (NSF). He also participated in a micro-satellite project (launch date: mid 2017) to measure the Earth’s magnetic fields in space.

Inhye Lee, Interactive Artist

Inhye Lee makes sensorial objects and installations with moving images, sound, and interactivity. She has a mixed background in anthropology (BA, Seoul National University) and interactive arts (MPS, New York University). Her work has been exhibited at World Maker Faire, Korean Cultural Service NY, SOHO20 Gallery, Dumbo Arts Festival, Currents New Media Festival, SpaceWomb, 3rd Ward, Art Gate Gallery, Museum of Television & Radio, Chelsea Art Museum, Mattel HQ (USA), Shin Museum, Sang Sang Madang (Korea), Telecom Italia Future Center (Italy), Art Paris, Galerie Charlot (France) and Scope Basel (Switzerland). She has received residencies from the Signal Culture, the Staten Island MakerSpace, and the Institute for Electronic Arts. She is a recipient of Artist in Gallery Prize at the 8th Arte Laguna Prize in Venice, Italy.

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