Megan Snowe: The Ambassadors.

+/- Project Space

February 4 – 28, 2016
Opening Reception: Fri. February 5, 6-9PM

The Ambassadors – an Orchestrated Reading
Thurs. February 18, 7pm

SOHO20 was pleased to present The Ambassadors., a series of texts by Megan Snowe, each with the same title, conceived for the +/- Project Space.



Text, more specifically word, often the most clumsy of vessels, is the primary medium through which Snowe attempts to imitate the simultaneous transactions that occur within a single face to face interaction.

We present a multitude of subconscious ambassadors when we face another person. What is our diplomatic strategy for putting one foot forward? How and for whom do you enter into foreign social territory? Our innate inability to maintain consciousness of all that is communicated in a given moment shall not be conquered, regardless of our multitasking brain expansion training, neuro-linguistic programming, attempts at simultaneous output/input (how many tabs do you have open right now?). You are not, no, nowhere near in control, but you can try your best to sense all that is passing between two bodies.

Here Snowe tries, with text, to represent each ambassador, installed layered and partial; concurrent and scrolling; flowing, they may moisten your lips now, but your mind a bit later. Yes, your attention may not be at its calmest and fullest right now. That is okay. Snowe asks that you only give these texts as little or as much as you can, and whatever is important will stick.


In conjunction with this project, on Thurs. February 18, Snowe performed an orchestrated reading of these texts, inspired by poets and musicians such as Robert Ashley and Glenn Gould, overlapping each one to create a new sound work.

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