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Judith Mistor

These seemingly disparate works share some commonalities: they all represent a type of departure for me (different media, concepts, states of mind), and they all share allusions to the theme of deliverance (as well as its power for transformation). With no nationality, no culture, no language, and no exclusive claim by any nation, Antarctica is singular in the world. 90° S uses topographic map references as it seeks to reframe our view of the harshest continent on Earth, into an extraordinary place of dreams. All who venture must be particularly intrepid, with purpose higher than self. Through their varied, noble endeavors, we witness the very best of humanity, realized. By contrast, the mainly monochrome shadows, reflections, remnants, and treasures of the shadowbox Memento Mori come together to suggest an inner journey of the soul: a personal, sacred shrine to a life and its troubled relationships. A heavy air of nostalgia, missed opportunities, and lost time are imbued within it. Lastly, #MeToo taps into the electric spark of inception when a movement begins: a humble, diverse band of strays that share a mutual injustice. A tiny army of the wronged, growing and finding support and strength in each other. The discarded and voiceless, reclaiming their voices at last, and collectively rising up to confront.

- Judith Mistor on her works in About Time

90° S, 2022 
Acrylic on Canvas
20” x 24”

Memento Mori, 2022
Ceramic, Mixed-Media
15.75” x 12.75” x 3.25”

#MeToo, 2018
Ceramic, Concrete
11” x 11” x 6.5”