Denise Treizman: Part is No Object

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February 9 – March 12, 2017
Opening Reception: Fri. February 10, 6-9PM

Closing Reception: Sun. March 12, 4-6PM


Denise Treizman, Gripped, 2016. Glazed ceramic, PVC pipe scrap, ink, spray paint, resin, pom-pom and bungee cord, 7 x 4 x 2 inches

SOHO20 is pleased to present Part is No Object, an exhibition of new constructions by artist Denise Treizman in the +/- Project Space.

Denise Treizman begins her work by responding to fragments of objects, both found and of her own making. Made from broken ceramic pieces and readymades, this series of small, brightly-colored assemblages contain anything that crosses the artist’s path – from pom-poms and bungie cords, to bike baskets and plastic balls. The broken fragments, all resulting from unintended studio mishaps, allude to the naturally occurring trauma and emotional connections developed within an object’s lifespan. The process of putting the pieces back together with other frivolously playful materials, allows each work to retain levity and humor through the tragedy. Scaled down from her typically larger works, this series of modestly sized sculptures reflect on the area of the +/- Project Space, adapting to create an exhibition with plenty perceived space, all in a nine-by-nine cube.

Treizman is less interested in influencing each material that she encounters. Rather she allows them achieve synergistic transformation through their intersections, becoming more than just the sum of the parts. In a process of upcycling, she constantly reuses her own remnants from past sculptures, insisting that no materials are sacred, and her works are never fixed. The resulting, precariously situated constructions play with the narrative of how we perceive an ‘art object,’ by allowing their relationships to each other to shift continuously through time.