Eve Ingalls: OUT OF TIME

April 28 – May 27, 2016
Reception: Fri. May 13, 6-9PM

Conversation with the Artist: Sat. May 21, 2-4pm

View Images of the Installation


SOHO20 Gallery is pleased to present OUT OF TIME, an exhibition of recent work by SOHO20 member artist Eve Ingalls.

In this new and innovative series Ingalls combines painting and sculpture techniques, employing richly varied densities of handmade paper, window screen, and metal. Several of the works are formed by large, flat, rectangular sections of unframed screen hanging 6-8 inches from the wall, sprayed with pigmented paper-pulp that resembles colored pixels in the open gridded mesh. From close up these particles appear to be polluting the airspace of the screen, while from far away, shadowy images fill our visual field. Teetering back and forth between two and three dimensions, Ingalls is constantly shifting the means used to represent objects. Other works on view take the form of paper sculptures over metal armatures, with fleshy limbs that conflate characteristics of the human body with twisted and imposing trees.

The imagery found in Ingalls’ new work references both our quotidian, man-made surroundings as well as how little we actually know about the planet. Ingalls highlights the impact that both climate change and new scientific discoveries have on our lives, while simultaneously warning us that we ourselves are powerful agents of change in a world of massive interconnectedness. The sculptures evoke territories where nature and culture spar with each other, competing for precedence within our tired system of binaries while science is reaching an unknown world beyond the limits of our current knowledge. The tension in these works lives in the ambiguities that Ingalls presents. Somewhere in the spectrum between culture and nature, macro and micro, painting and sculpture, chaos and the grid, she continually toys with our yearning for a single narrative.